Slow Living Required: Costa Rica’s Inversionista (Investor’s) Program

Picture this: You move to your dream location and live the dream life, all while collecting a more-than-adequate income for doing absolutely nothing.

It sounds like a scam, at worst, or a daydream, at best.

But what if we told you, this is the investor reality in Costa Rica? And not just that, but a required reality.

Yes, really. Read on.

Costa Rica’s Inversionista Residency (Investor’s Residency)

There are many ways to qualify for Costa Rican residency, but one of our favorites? The inversionista, or investor program.

Inversionista residency (note: PDF in Spanish) is a temporary (= must be renewed every two years until conversion to permanent residency) form of residency that requires a minimum $200,000 investment in non-commercial real estate (ex. your Kalia home), or registered goods, shares, securities, productive projects, or projects of national interest.

Together with real estate investment, purchasing or establishing a local business is the most common way most foreigners secure inversionista residency. And how do they do it? Often, through the purchase of tourist businesses, like surf shops, horseback riding outfitters, restaurants/bars, and other year-round, income-producing businesses.

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The Catch: You Can’t Work

Here’s the catch you’ve been waiting for all your life: In Costa Rica, as an investor, you are legally required NOT to work.

That’s right – inversionistas may own a business and collect income from a business, but they may not work in that business. In other words, Costa Rican law forces you to slow down and enjoy the pura vida.

If you’re asking yourself, why? Why can’t I work?, the answer is straightforward: Costa Rican investors are required to invest in Costa Rica and Costa Ricans, and not directly in themselves. So, as an investor, your job is to provide jobs and contribute to the local economy.

Successful investors, especially in an established tourist town like Nosara, often purchase turnkey businesses – businesses that have been around for years, have built a great reputation, have excellent employees, and already produce a solid income. Others nourish their entrepreneurial spirits by filling needed product and service niches. Remember – start-up costs and operational overhead are lower in Costa Rica. And that can make business easier.

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The Life You’ve Always Wanted

Let’s circle back to our original statement: In Costa Rica, you can secure legal residency, while making a sound financial investment, and live the good life while working absolutely not at all.

It doesn’t sound so off-the-wall now, does it? It may even sound perfect for you, in fact.

And that’s because it is. Indeed, for many expats, Costa Rican investment has not only been their path to legal residency, but to a better and more fulfilling life.

If you’ve grown accustomed to a fast pace and too much hard work, it can be a challenge to slow down. Yes, even if you want to. And that’s why Costa Rica’s policy of “forced” slow living can be so liberating: You can’t work, even if you want to.

By law, you must hand over the reins to your skilled employees. By unofficial policy, you should relax. You should sleep in. You should surf the day away. You should picnic by waterfalls. You should spend the afternoon at the pool.

You should enjoy this paradise called Costa Rica.

 So, what would you do with endless free time? Come and discover what it’s like to do exactly what you want – all day, everyday. Come and discover the inversionista lifestyle on our incredible Discovery Tour: 4 glorious days and 3 relaxing nights of Nosara’s surf and beach, of late mornings and your very own infinity pool. Call (800) 219-0310 to book your free Discovery Tour today or click here to learn more.