Portrait of Paradise: This is What “Retirement” in Costa Rica Looks Like

I never expected that retirement (= ceasing to work) could be the exact opposite of retirement (= to withdraw; retreat).

I was never so happy to be so wrong.

Retirement in Costa Rica is more active than everyday life, anywhere else. It is full, and vibrant, and rich, and exciting – everything you’ve always dreamed that life could be, but never expected retirement to fulfill.

In Costa Rica, retirement takes on the true definition of “golden years.”

Retirement in Costa Rica Can Be “Tranquilo”

In Costa Rica, you’ll probably wake up with the sun. That’s early, usually around 5:30 or 6:00 a.m.

But you won’t mind.

Because here, you’re not waking to an alarm clock, or to any pressing stressor. Instead, it’s a tropical sun that recalls you from dreamland. There’s freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee to enjoy on your covered lanai. Breakfast is fresh mango and papaya.

On quiet mornings, you can hear the crashing surf below. On not-so-quiet mornings, the monkeys, or parrots, or toucans are raising a raucous in the trees. Don’t worry, you can still see the surf.

There’s nothing quite like that first cup of coffee, enjoyed out-of-doors, surrounded by something that can only be described as paradise. Golden sunbeams, blue skies, aquamarine Pacific, dense greenery – this is your life now.

But Retirement in Costa Rica is Also Active

That part does sound like the second definition of retirement – “withdrawal; retreat” – doesn’t it?

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And if that’s what you want, then Costa Rica is happy to deliver. You can sit on your lanai all day, every day, rising only to refill your coffee cup or take a dip in the infinity pool.

But for most retirees, retirement in Costa Rica looks a little different.

We are more active here than we ever were “back home.” Because this is home now, and our everyday here is distinctly different than the “senior life” we would have been expected to live back home.

If you love to garden, an entirely new menu of tropical flowers, fruits, and greenery awaits. Like to hike? The Nicoya Peninsula is your veritable oyster – a rugged landscape crisscrossed with parks, private reserves, waterfalls, and hundreds of hiking trails.

Horseback riding. SUP paddle-boarding. ATVing. Windsurfing. These are all perfectly acceptable retirement pursuits in Costa Rica.

And then they’re the surf. If you never thought you’d see a senior on a surfboard, welcome to Nosara. We are legion. And, whether you’ve never hung ten or have done it all your life, you’re going to fit right in.

Above All, It’s Quality of Life

But it’s not just our surrounds that make Costa Rica such a wonderful place to retire. Because really, there are many tropical locales where you could wake up early and surf all day.

The difference is in the quality of life we have here.

Retirement is definitely different in Costa Rica. Maybe it has to do with living in one of the world’s few “blue zones,” or maybe it doesn’t. Who knows? What we do know, is that life here is everything we’ve ever wanted.

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It starts with the cost of living, which is affordable and offers a standard of living we could never afford back home. (There’s a reason why outdoor playgrounds in the U.S. – we’re looking at you, southern California and Hawaii – are so exorbitantly expensive. Unfortunately, it’s a premium few can afford.)

But quality of life is about more than just a lower cost of living; it’s about what we get for our fixed retirement income. And in Costa Rica, we get political and social stability. We get modern, spectacular architecture. We get an abundance of in-season fruits and vegetables. We get friendly neighbors and an international community. We get world-class restaurants. We get sandy beaches and the most beautiful ocean views in the world.

We get joie de vivre.

This quality of life here is unquantifiable. It’s priceless. And yet, Kalia has put a price on it: Affordable. Homes here start in the low $200s. There is nowhere “back home” where we could live this life, at this price.

And even if there were, we wouldn’t want to. Costa Rica is home. Nosara is home. Kalia is home.

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