Nosara Development: Route 160 is Getting Paved

Look at a map of the northern Nicoya Peninsula coastline, and there’s only one thick, yellow line to see: Route 160, aka Ruta 160.

For most of its life, Route 160 hasn’t really deserved its thick, yellow line status. It’s hard to deem a dusty, often dirt road – Nosara residents sometimes lovingly refer to it as a “trail” – a “highway.”

But as of 2017, our deserving ruta has finally gotten the care it deserves: Route 160 is getting paved! Soon, our coastal highway will indeed be a coastal highway. We’re also getting a new bridge. Talk about progress.

Route 160: Nicoya Peninsula Linchpin 

To Nicoya Peninsula-ites, Route 160 is our “Beach Road” and one of the most important roads on our entire peninsula. With the help of Routes 21 and 150, Route 160 connects the major towns of Nicoya, Santa Cruz, Samara and our very own Nosara.

For most of its trajectory, Route 160 is the linchpin, hugging Pacific coastline as it runs from Samara, to Garza, to Guiones, to Nosara, and finally, to El Guapote.

For years, we’ve been working to get this road paved – and paved well. It’s a complicated process, though, as varying governmental entities are involved: The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT), the Municipality of Nicoya, and the development associations of Nosara, Santa Teresa, Santa Marta, Esperanza and Garza.

Slowly, But Surely

Paving has been long in the making. The project has been in the works for 20+ years and in 2013, the Constitutional Court ordered the National Roadway Council (CONAVI) to pave Route 160 – but not the section that connected Samara to Nosara.

Since then, area residents have worked diligently to secure the permissions, materials, budget, and other requirements to get our road paved.

Well, it worked!

Nosara Committee Secures Pavement

A group of Nosara residents, the Comité de Caminos y Pro Asfalto Ruta 160 (The Roads and Route 160 Pro-Asphalt Committee) joined forces with MOPT to get ‘er done.

CONAVI finances were secured, MOPT machinery was requested, and land was donated. And now, the first 10 km (from the Santa Marta crossroads to almost the center of Playa Garza de Nosara) is getting paved.

To date, seasonal rains have delayed progress but workers are plodding along. Also in the works: approaches to where a new Bailey bridge will be built over the Sube y Baja Creek.

Big Plans for Route 160

Ten kilometers is just the beginning. Nosara committee member, Gerardo Brenes, says, “Did you know that paving the road from Sámara to Nosara is part of a Master Plan to pave the entire coastal highway? Our part of the road could serve as a model for the rest of the route.”

Progress is here, Kalia friends! And with it, soaring real estate prices. So go ahead – sit back and watch your property values appreciate, as our area becomes even more accessible.

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