Nosara, Costa Rica: The Fastest-Growing Surf Town in the World?

It’s not every day that Australian university researchers get excited about sandy little beach towns in Costa Rica.

But that’s exactly what has happened: researchers from the University of Sydney found that high-quality surf breaks boost economic growth in their surrounding areas.

And at the very top of the list: Nosara, Costa Rica. That’s right, out of 5,000 studied surf breaks, the fastest-growing surf town in the world is Nosara. The seventh fastest-growing surf town: our next-door neighbor, Playa Guiones.

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Primary Finding: Quality Surf Boosts Local GDP

University of Sydney economist Dr. Sam Wills partnered with Thomas McGregor of Oxford University, to headline the research. The pair studied more than 20 years of data, analyzing nighttime light emissions to track population growth.

Their key finding: Wave quality can contribute 2.2 additional percentage points to local GDP and growth. In other words, a town with great waves grows an additional 2.2 percent per year, above the typical growth rate of a similar town without renowned surf breaks.

This comes as no surprise to the global surfing community. Dr. Chad Nelsen, CEO of the Surfrider Foundation, explained, “Ocean tourism and recreation are the top economic drivers in our coastal communities, worth an estimated $100 billion in GDP annually nationwide and surfing clearly plays an important role in communities with waves… For example, we know that surfers visiting Trestles spend between 8-13 million dollars a year in the City of San Clemente, showing the value a well-managed surf spot can have for your community.”

Nosara Is the World’s Fastest-Growing Surf Town

Incredible value, indeed.

Nosara and Playa Guiones have long been a surfing hotspot. And, unlike other global surf breaks – namely, Mundaka and Jardim do Mar (Portugal), which fell due to development – ours are almost untouchable.

Ostional Wildlife Refuge protects not only Nosara’s lands, but also our oceans: development is strictly prohibited in the maritime zone (200 meters from the high-tide mark), as well as into the sea. The protected area stretches almost 16km.

Nosara Continues to Grow – Rapidly

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Bottom line: Looking at 20 years of data, Nosara is, hands down, the world’s fastest-growing surf town. And that data brings us to just 2013 – four years ago. Four years, in which Nosara has seen continued rapid development, new communities, paved roads, and other developments that promise only to further propel Nosara’s considerable economic growth.

And we all know what that means: strong, time-tested economic growth + surf that doesn’t quit = real estate that continues to gain steadily in value.

So the question is, are you ready to get in, while the getting is still affordable? Nosara is on the world map. We’re on the world’s surfing radar. And now, we’re on the map of the world’s fast-growing communities (and, therefore, best investments).

The truth is, Nosara real estate is gaining in value. Prices won’t be this affordable, ever again. Your dream is within reach today, but it might not be tomorrow.

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