4 Easy Ways You’ll Live Green in Costa Rica

Living green/sustainably often sounds like a lot of work. There are rules, and provisos, and oh so many adjustments to make to your everyday life.

Except in Costa Rica. Here, living green comes with the lushly landscaped territory. It’s the default way of life, which means it’s not a lot of work; it’s easy. It’s simple Costa Rican living, which just so happens to be green.

Here are four ways you’ll automatically live greener, as soon as you make the move to Costa Rica:

  1. You’ll Eat Local

Costa Rica is the land of year-round summer (or spring, depending on your elevation), which means we’re also the land of year-round fresh produce. That’s not to say fresh fruits and vegetables don’t have seasons – tomatoes, for example, are happier (and cheaper) during the dry season, while mangosteens flourish during the wetter months – but what is true is that you’ll find your local farmer’s market packed, year-round, with just-harvested, perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables, plus eggs, homemade cheeses, natilla (a sweeter, creamier version of sour cream), and other Costa Rican staples.

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But eating local isn’t only about growing produce all 12 months of the year; it’s about how far your food travels before it graces your table. And again, when you live in Costa Rica, you can often count on one hand how many miles your mango, or your cucumbers, or your dragonfruit have traveled on their way to you. (And at Bellazo, you can often count how many steps they’ve traveled, if you’ve just harvested fruit from our orchard or gardens!)

  1. You’ll Live in an Eco-Friendly Home

Sustainable communities like Bellazo are carefully planned with the environment in mind. Every inch of your Kalia home takes into account the careful indoor-outdoor balance, not only for aesthetics but also for functionality.

Take our rooftops, for example: Every Kalia home comes standard with a beautiful, eco-friendly roof garden. These oxygen-rich, CO2-absorbing sky gardens save energy, improve air quality, absorb storm water, and are great for local birdlife, among other benefits.



Our homes are also built with green, eco-friendly aerated concrete blocks that don’t release waste or pollute the environment. Our windows and doors are energy efficient. Our incredible architecture prioritizes ventilation and cross-breezes, to reduce cooling requirements. We install both off-grid and grid-tied solar systems. We could go on but bottom line: you’ve never lived in a greener home.

  1. You’ll Use Renewable Energies

Did you know that in 2016, 98% of Costa Rica’s energy needs were supplied by renewable sources? In other words, 98% of Costa Rica’s energy and electricity comes from hydro (water), wind, and geothermal energy.

Because, while we all do what we can to consume fewer kWh, it’s nearly impossible to use none at all. (Although solar panels do help!) In Costa Rica, at least, you can rest easy knowing that what you do consume, comes almost exclusively from sustainable, renewable energy sources.

  1. You’ll Drive Less

For decades (and until relatively recently), cars were considered a luxury in Costa Rica. It’s no surprise, then, that everyday needs and amenities popped up Costa Rica’s small towns, which pepper the countryside.

Today, while cars are de rigueur, it’s still common to walk for what you need. Chances are, within walking distance, there’s a corner store where you can grab eggs, fresh produce, and a few drinks. There’s a barbershop where you can get your hair cut. There’s a soda (Costa Rican diner) where you can grab a bite to eat. And there’s definitely a public park or soccer field, where you can play a pickup game and people-watch.

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And whatever isn’t within walking distance, is usually just a few miles away. Remember, the whole of Costa Rica is smaller than the state of West Virginia. There just isn’t that much distance to drive here. So drive less. Walk more. You’ll love it!

Learn what it means to live green and sustainably, on an incredible Discovery Tour! For 4 glorious days and 3 relaxing nights, we’ll treat you to Costa Rican living, complete with the local food and active lifestyle this entails. Along the way, you’ll stay in one of our green homes and consume our renewable energy. It’s the Costa Rican way, and we think you’ll love it! Call (800) 219-0310 to book your free Discovery Tour today or click here to learn more.